Over 4000 years ago when humanity stooped to crude idolatry; moral degeneration became embedded with material progress. *There came a man of vision & towering personality who redirected mankind towards their role of God’s ambassador on earth*.His obedience to Allah through free will, indomitable character such as patience & courage, an uncompromising commitment to UPHOLDING THE ONENESS OF GOD & UNPARALLELED SACRIFICE for his mission rewarded him with a covenant from God that his seeds would INHERIT THE LAND.

*And when his Lord tried Ibrahim (alayhi salatu wasallam) by His commandments & the later fulfilled them, He said: “behold I shall make thee a leader of men.” Ibrahim asked: “And of my offspring as well?”(Allah) answered: “My covenant does not embrace the evil doers. (Q 2:124)*

Truly, Ibrahim (alayhi salatu wasallam) was a nation, devoutly obedient to Allah. Naturally inclining towards the true faith, he was not amongst the idolaters. He was abundantly thankful for the blessings Allah bestowed upon him. He chose him, & guided him to the Straight Path. (Q 16:120-121).

Ever since Ibrahim (alayhi salatu wasallam) challenged idolatry in his early youth, human history has been directly influenced by his legacy. *As a link between Islam (the only divinely revealed religion to all prophets including Moses, Jesus & Muhammad peace be upon them all) & the now so called Judaism, Christianity – he set the course of our destiny*.

From childhood, he was inclined towards contemplation & inquisitiveness. He was not used to taking things for granted; he was always inspired to rationalise his arguments in order to re-discover his Lord (ALLAH).

*Then, when he beheld the sun rising, he said: “This is my Lord. This is the greatest of all.” Then, when it went down, he said: “O my people! Most certainly I am quit of those whom you associate with Allah in His Divinity. Behold, I have turned my face in exclusive devotion to the One who originated the heavens & the earth, and I am certainly not one of those who associate others with Allah in His Divinity. (Q6:78-78)*

His vision for the Oneness of God and ingenuity at striking at the heart of idolatry by *breaking all the idols, while leaving the biggest one, shattered the arrogance of the rulers. But they were conceited people & with their haughtiness they could only respond to this ‘threat’ by passing a severe punishment on him. He was thrown into a blazing fire.That was young Ibrahim’s first test in which he showed extraordinary courage & trust in God. The fire refused to burn Ibrahim by God’s will & he came out unscathed, “We [Allah] said, “O fire! be coolness and safety upon Abraham.” (Q21 Vs 69).*

Ibrahim could not stay in his own homeland & decided to leave Iraq with only a few of his family members.

*At an old age, Ibrahim was blessed with a lovely son, Ismail*.His love for Ismail was irresistible. *So, God wanted to test him again; the divine plan was strange indeed.* Ibrahim was asked by God to leave his beloved wife, Hajar, & the little son in a barren land, MAKKAH.Who then could imagine that about 3000 years later MAKKAH WOULD BECOME THE CENTRE OF A NEW WORLD, THE HEART OF A DIVINE CIVILISATION?

The test on Hajar was no less severe. As the food & water left behind by Ibrahim (alayhi salatu wasallam) were running short, Hajar’s suckling baby was not getting enough milk from her. Her agony turned into fear, as there was no human habitation nearby. Out of sheer desperation she was running between two hills, SAFA & MARWA, expecting to see someone who could help her & the little baby who was on the verge of dying.

✅Suddenly, to her ecstatic joy, she found water gushing forth from near the baby’s feet. *AN OASIS WAS CREATED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BARREN DESERT* where people started settling by her permission.Such was the divine plan to make *MAKKAH THE CENTRE OF GOD’S REVELATION LATER ON.*

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