Finally, although the Muslims around the world nowadays are in a position of weakness and humiliation – because they have turned away from the pristine Islam – and are unable to fight the Jews, take back their stolen lands and impose the rule of Islamic sharee’ah in Palestine, this does not mean that this will always be the case until the end of the world. Things have to change, and one of the indications of this is the hadeeth of the Prophet, who informed us of some things that are to happen in the future. He was supported by Revelation from his Lord; he did not speak of his own whims and desires, but of that which was revealed to him. He said: “You will fight the Jews and will prevail over them, so that a rock will say, ‘O Muslim! There is Jew behind me, kill him!’” (Bukhaari).

“By the star when it descends, Your companion [Muhammad] has not strayed, nor has he erred, Nor does he speak from [his own] inclination, It is not but a revelation revealed, Taught to him by one intense in strength (Angel jibril) – One of soundness. And he rose to [his] true form. Q 53: 1-6


  1. BLESSED: “Glorified (and Exalted) be He (Allaah) Who took His slave (Muhammad) for a journey by night from Al-Masjid Al-Haraam (at Makkah) to Al-Masjid Al-Aqsaa (in Jerusalem), the neighbourhood whereof We have blessed…” [al-Israa’ 17:1]. Al-Quds is part of the neighbourhood surrounding the mosque and hence it is blessed. “[Moosa said:] O my people! Enter the holy land (Palestine) which Allaah has assigned to you…” [5:21]
  2. The Messenger said: One prayer in my mosque is better than four prayers there, but it is still a good place of prayer. Soon there will come a time when if a man has a spot of land as big as his horse’s rope from which he can see Bayt al-Maqdis, that will be better for him than the whole world. (al-Silsilah al-Saheehah, at the end of the discussion of hadeeth no. 2902).
  3. One prayer in al-Masjid al-Nabawi is equivalent to 1000 prayers elsewhere, so one prayer in al-Masjid al-Aqsaa is equivalent to 250 prayers elsewhere.
  4. The one-eyed Dajjaal (“Antichrist”) will not enter it, because of the hadeeth, “He will prevail over all the earth, apart from al-Haram [in Makkah] and Bayt al-Maqdis.” (Ahmad, saheeh).
  5. The Dajjaal will be killed close to al-Quds. He will be killed by the Messiah ‘Eesa ibn Maryam (alehim salam), as was stated in the hadeeth: “The son of Maryam will kill the Dajjaal at the gates of Ludd.” (Muslim). Ludd (Lod) is a place near Bayt al-Maqdis.
  6. It (al-Quds) was the first qiblah of the Muslims, as was reported by al-Baraa’: the Messenger of Allaah (saw) prayed in the direction of Bayt al-Maqdis for sixteen or seventeen months. (Bukhaari, Muslim).
  7. It is the place where Wahy (Revelation) came down, and it is the homeland of the Prophets. This is well known. It is one of the mosques to which people may travel. Abu Hurayrah (ra) reported that the Prophet said: “No journey should be made except to three mosques, al-Masjid al-Haraam, Masjid al-Rasool & Masjid al-Aqsaa.” (Bukhaari,Muslim). It is not permissible to travel to any spot on earth for the purpose of worshipping there, except these three mosques. The journeys made by misguided people  shias to Karbala, Sufis to Ajmeer shareef  is kufr.
  8. The Messenger (saw) led the Prophets in one prayer in al-Aqsaa, in the lengthy  hadeeth: “… Then the time for prayer came, and I led them in prayer.”( Muslim).


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The fact that Ya’qoob (alehim salaam) built al-Masjid al-Aqsaa does not mean that the Jews have more right to the mosque than the Muslims, because Ya’qoob was a monotheist and the Jews are mushrikeen. He built it for all the true worshippers of Allah. The fact that their father Ya’qoob built the mosque does not mean that it belongs to them. He built it for the monotheists to worship in it, even if they were not his children, and he did not allow the mushrikeen to enter it, even if they were his children, because the call of the Prophets has nothing to do with race; it is based on taqwaa (piety, awareness of Allaah). Just like Ibrahim built the Kaabah for the entire mankind who are true monotheists irrespective of racial or other differences.

The Prophet led the previous Prophets in prayer to signify the unity of the message and all divine revelations is correct from the point of view of the origin of the religion and ‘aqeedah (belief) of the Prophets. All of the Prophets received their Message from one source, which was the Wahy (Revelation), and they all had the same ‘aqeedah, which was the belief in Tawheed (absolute unity of Allaah) and the worship of Allaah Alone, even though there were differences in the details of their laws. This was confirmed by our Prophet when he said: “I am the closest of mankind to ‘Eesaa ibn Maryam in this world and in the Hereafter. The Prophets are brothers although they have different mothers, and their religion is one.” (Bukhaari). 
The phrase “brothers although they have different mothers” means brothers who have the same father but different mothers, i.e., they are the children of co-wives.

Here we would caution readers against believing that the Jews, Christians and Muslims are following the same principles nowadays, because the Jews have changed the religion of their Prophet. Indeed, part of the religion of their Prophet is that they should follow our Prophet and not reject him, but they disbelieve in the Prophet hood of Muhammad (saw) and associate others in worship with Allah. Muhammad in the bible

The Jews deviated from monotheism by creating a color- biased & Racist God who they claim will only admit to paradise only people born of Jewish mothers & others will be condemned to hell however submissive to Allah & pious they may be. AMAZING

And they say, “None will enter Paradise except one who is a Jew or a Christian.” That is [merely] their wishful thinking, Say, “Produce your proof, if you should be truthful.” 2 vs 111

The Jews do not have any stake in al-Quds, because even though they may have lived in the land previously AFTER THE CANANITES that land now belongs to the Muslims from two points of view:

1.     The Jews disbelieved and are no longer following the religion of the believers among the Children of Israel who followed and supported Moosa and ‘Eesaa (peace be upon them).

2.     We Muslims have more right to it than them, because land does not belong to the people who lived there first, otherwise, those who lived there before the Jews e.g. the cananites etc  should be called the rightful owners, but to those who establish the laws of Allaah therein. Allaah created the land, and He created people to worship Allaah in the land and to establish therein the religion, laws and rulings of Allaah. “… Verily, the earth is Allaah’s. He gives it as a heritage to whom He wills of His slaves; and the (blessed) end is for the Muttaqoon (the pious).” [7:128]

Hence if some Arabs came who were not followers of Islam and they ruled the holy land with kufr, they would have to be fought until they submit to the rule of Islam or were killed. It is not the matter of race or ethnicity; it is the matter of Tawheed & Islam.


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1- You have to make du’aa’ (supplication), and recite du’a’ al-qunoot (special supplication during formal prayers) in your salaah (prayer).

2- Collect charity and send it through trustworthy channels.

3- Support the weak and oppressed in all ways, including the media and the internet.

4- Get scholars, daa’iyahs (Islamic workers), khateebs (orators) and writers to explain the oppression that is happening and the negligence on the part of the ummah (global Muslim community), and to mobilize the ummah to defend the holy places.

5- Check on one’s own intentions with regard to fighting for the sake of Allaah, and see whether he is applying the hadeeth of the Prophet (saw): “Whoever dies without having fought for the sake of Allaah or having had the intention of doing so, has died following one of the branches of hypocrisy.” (Saheeh Muslim)

6- Pursuing all the means of building up material and moral strength, in preparation for meeting the enemy (in battle).

7- Reminding oneself and others of the virtues of martyrdom for the sake of Allaah and studying the rulings on jihad (battle for the sake of Allah), and not having an attachment to this world.

8- Doing as much damage as possible to the enemies who are in a state of war with us, by boycotting their products, attacking them with truth verbally and in writing to humiliate and annoy them, and to point out their kufr (disbelief) and shirk (polytheism), and their insults to Allaah, His Messenger and the believers, publishing as much as possible on the internet, in the audio-visual and print media about this serious topic whilst also connecting that to Islamic belief and the words of Allaah and His Messenger, and using all effective and Islamically-acceptable means of doing so.

However, these should not include activities that contradict Islam e.g. demonstrations involving women going out without proper hijab, wearing adornment and make-up; using music in the demonstration; shouting slogans that are incorrect, such as “al-Quds (Jerusalem) is Arab and will remain Arab” (in fact, al-Quds is Islamic and is not for the Arabs only); stopping the demonstration in front of a kaafir’s tomb and placing bouquets of flowers on his grave; begging the kaafirs for help by using phrases that are humiliating to the Muslims; holding up pictures or effigies of people; doing wrong to others such as blocking the road or preventing people from passing by; using slanderous and insulting words that are not  permitted in sharee’ah; men and women mixing during the demonstration; imitating the kuffaar in any of their unique characteristics such as clothing or symbols that the demonstrators may wear; committing acts of aggression against the lives & properties of innocent people, such as destroying their shops or breaking their windows, or starting fires in public facilities, and other haraam actions.

We ask Allaah to rid Bayt al-Maqdis of them sooner rather than later, for He is Able to do that and He is Most Generous in answering.

We ask Allaah to hasten the Muslims’ return to their religion and to grant them the means of victory. May He grant us the joy of seeing His religion prevail and His enemies humiliated, and may He raise the status of those who are persecuted, tortured or killed for His sake. “O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) Allaah, He will help you, and make your foothold firm”[47:7].


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There is no doubt that the Prophet of Allaah Ibraaheem (Abraham) was a pure monotheist, and he was not among the polytheists and disbelievers. Although the Jews are among the offspring of Ibraaheem (peace be upon him), they went against his way by associating partners in worship with Allaah and claiming that ‘Uzayr (Ezra) was a “son of God.” They said that God is miserly and that His hand is “tied up”, and they said, “He is poor and we are rich.” …….They also said that when God created the heavens and the earth in six days, He got tired, so He rested on the Sabbath day……… – exalted be Allaah far above all that they say about Him. They also likened the attributes of God to human attributes (anthropomorphism) and killed the Prophets, etc.

Once this distinction and contrast is made clear, there can be no brotherhood between a monotheistic believer and a polytheistic disbeliever, as Allaah says in the Qur’aan “Indeed there has been an excellent example for you in Ibraaheem and those with him, when they said to their people, ‘Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allaah. We have rejected you, and there has started between us and you, hostility and hatred forever, – until you believe in Allaah Alone,’ – except the saying of Ibraaheem to his father: ‘Verily, I will ask for forgiveness (from Allaah) for you, but I have no power to do anything for you before Allaah.’ Our Lord! In You (Alone) we put our trust, and to You (Alone) we turn in repentance, and to You (Alone) is (our) final Return, – … Certainly, there has been in them an excellent example for you to follow, – for those who look forward to (the Meeting with) Allaah – (for the reward from Him) and the Last Day. And whosoever turn away, then verily, Allaah is Rich (Free of all wants), Worthy of all Praise.” [60:4,6]

Once this separation & enmity is clear, it is unavoidable that there will be hostility and disavowal and the resulting struggle against the enemies of Allaah. So long as the laws and wisdom of Allaah dictate that there should be the distinction between believers and disbelievers, there has to be this clearly-stated enmity? There can be no change to the laws of Allaah.

There cannot be harmony between Jews – who are usurpers and aggressors, who have oppressed and persecuted others, and who are known for their treachery and corruption throughout the world, historically and in the present age – and the purely monotheistic Muslim owners of the land, whose menfolk the Jews have killed, and imprisoned their sons, and destroyed their homes, and taken possession of their lands by force, and prevented them from earning a proper living, and carried out chemical and radiational experiments on their prisoners, and taken organs from them for transplant into Jewish patients… and all other kinds of persecutions & atrocities.

In addition to this, the Jews are people of treachery and betrayal; it is not possible to trust them at all. Their previous & current conducts bear this out: is there any treaty or agreement signed by them that they have actually fulfilled? This is no big surprise for the Muslims, who know what Allaah has said in His Book about the Jews “Is it not (the case) that every time they make a covenant, some party among them throws it aside? Nay! The truth is most of them believe not.” [al-Baqarah 2:100].

Moreover, if the Muslims agreed to live in peace with the Jews, who would be in charge? One of the basic principles of Islam is that Islam should prevail, not be prevailed over. One of the conditions for People of the Book (Jews and Christians) living with Muslims in a Muslim country is that they should live under certain conditions (shuroot ahl al-dhimmah) in return for the security and protection afforded them by the Muslims. One of the most important of these conditions is that they should not openly display their shirk and kufr (polytheistic disbelief) in the Muslim lands, whether by word or deed.

As the Muslims and Jews are enemies residing in opposing religious and doctrinal camps, it is not possible for them to be brought together unless one is made to submit to the other by force. Indeed, the Jews now are not allowing the Muslims to remain in their homes, even if there was no provocative action on the part of the Muslims; they are seizing the Muslims’ property by force, building their settlements on the Muslims’ lands and expelling the Muslims by any means. They have expelled millions to the neighboring countries, which have accommodated them in the so-called Palestinian refugee camps.


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“History tells us that the first people to settle in Palestine were the Canaanites, 6000 years BCE. They were an Arab tribe who came to Palestine from the Arabian Peninsula, and after their arrival, Palestine was named after them [i.e., Canaan].”(al-Suhyooniyyah, Nash’atuhaa, Tanzeemaatuhaa, Inshitatuhaa, by Ahmad al-‘Awadi, p. 7).

“As for the Jews, the first time they entered Palestine was about 600yrs years after Ibraheem (as) had entered the land, i.e., they entered it approximately 1400 years BCE. So the Canaanites entered Palestine & lived there approximately 4500 years before the Jews.”(Ibid., p. 8).Hence it is clear that the Jews have no right to the land, whether according to religious law or in terms of who lived there first & possessed the land. Undoubtedly, what is happening to the Muslims in the Holy Land of hardship, torture, expulsion, killing & harm is a matter which causes sorrow to every Muslim, indeed to every non-Muslim who is reasonable, fair-minded & compassionate, when they see the blatant persecution inflicted upon innocent people, with the intention of driving them out of their homes so that the enemy can take their place, which is an enemy that possesses the most advanced weapons, with which they attack unarmed people who are deprived of the means of defending themselves. Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes – from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly. (Q60:8)

They have endured for about 60-years, facing unending Zionist arrogance & aggression, which pays no heed to human dignity or any covenant or treaty, or any law, except that to which their own whims and desires make them inclined & in which their evil rabbis & warlords encourage them. 

The outcome of that is well known to Muslims as well as Jews, which is that the consequences will be in favour of the pious and the party of God will be the victors. The wrongdoer will never enjoy security, stability and prosperity, rather he will be faced with fear, anxiety, grief and shame, until the day comes when the Muslims come back to their religion and are governed by the sharee’ah of their Lord, then they will meet the Jews in battle, where the two sides will face one another, and victory will go to the people of faith. 

Bukhaari & Muslim : Abu Hurayrah (ra) :the Messenger of Allaah : “The Hour will not begin until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, until a Jew will be hiding behind a rock or a tree, and the rock or tree will say, ‘O Muslim, O slave of Allaah, here is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!’ except for the box-thorn (al-gharqad), for it is one of the trees of the Jews.” 

The Palestinian issue is an ISLAMIC ISSUE NOT AN ARAB NATIONALISTIC ISSUE, first and last, but the enemies of Islam are striving their utmost to remove it from the Islamic map and make the non-Arab Muslims think that it is an Arab issue that does not concern the non-Arabs. Islam prohibits Nationalism, Racism, tribalism etc.

A solution cannot be reached in this matter unless it is regarded as an Islamic issue and the Muslims world over  (individuals, groups neighboring or far nations) cooperate to find an Islamic solution, and wage  the True Islamic jihad against the Jews, for it is  upon this alone, Allaah has made victory dependent.

 So, the land is given back to its people and the Jewish immigrants go back to the countries from which they came, and the original Jewish inhabitants stay in their towns under Islamic rule, not communist or secular rule. In this manner truth will prevail and falsehood will be defeated, and the people whose land it is will return to their land under Islamic rule and none other.


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