52Q. Does  brushing  your teeth invalidate the Fast or is it Makroo’?

52A. None of the above, however it would be better to use toothpaste at the night & Siwaak at Day time as Siwaak is Sunnah.  http://islamqa.info/en/ref/1312/brushing%20teeth

53Q. Is Sleeping out of tiredness/laziness while fasting & delaying Salah allowed?

53A. BIG NO. Prayers should be offered on time.


54Q. If anyone dies in Ramadan will he go to Jannah without being questioned?

54A. NO,   http://islamqa.info/en/ref/112089/died%20in%20ramadan

55Q. Does smoking invalidate Fast?

55A.Yes, it not only invalidates fast it is haram in & out of Ramadhan.  https://islamqa.info/en/106450

56Q  Laylatatul Qadr. All you need to know

56A https://islamqa.info/en/cat/468

57Q. Can I repay missed Ramadhan fast before or while fasting voluntary fast of Shawwal

57A  https://islamqa.info/en/40389

58Q  What do I need to know about zakat ul fitr?

58 A   https://islamqa.info/en/207225    https://islamqa.info/en/49793        https://islamqa.info/en/1396

59Q Is it important to fast the 6days of shawaal & why?

59A. Yes, because of its enormous reward. https://islamqa.info/en/7859      https://islamqa.info/en/4082

60Q What are the ettiquettes of Eid ul fitr?

60A Tap links for answers:

https://islamqa.info/en/36442     https://islamqa.info/en/49014      https://islamqa.info/en/3649


61Q Is there any proof in the Sunnah about a prayer on the last Friday in Ramadan, in expiation for the sin of one who missed the obligatory prayers?

61A This so called hadeeth is a fabrication & that prayer is an innovation. https://islamqa.info/en/157541


FOR MORE MISCELLANEOUS (Q&A ) ON  RAMADHAN  FAST  TAP THIS LINK. https://islamqa.info/en/cat/101

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