44Q. Does taking a bath break the fast, whether you take it before or after noon?

44A. NO, It is permissible anytime, has nothing to do with the fast. http://islamqa.info/en/ref/38907/bath

45Q. Does using Kohl & similar things that enter the eye invalidate the Fast?

45A. NO, This was the conclusion of Sheikh – ul – Islam ibn Taymiyyah. Imam Bukhaari says in his Saheeh: “…Anas, al – Hasan and Ibraaheem did not see any harm in use of Kuhl for the fasting person.” (Fathul – Baaree, 4/153; See Mukhtasar Saheehil – Bukhaari, Number 451 of our Sheikh al – Albaani and Taghleequt – Ta’leeq, 3/152 -153; as quoted in ‘Fasting in Ramadaan’ p. 49)

46Q. Does Shaving the beard invalidate the Fast?

46A. NO, but It is haraam for men to shave their beards at all times whether during Ramadaan or otherwise, because of the saheeh ahaadeeth which clearly command leaving the beard to grow.  http://islamqa.info/en/ref/50784/shaving%20in%20ramadan

47Q. Does not wearing Hijab Invalidate the fast?

47A. If a woman does not wear hijab, then she is  sinful, disobeying Allah who commanded her  to adorn  the hijab in or out of Ramadhan. It will be an expression of ignorance of the religion, self contradiction & double standard in belief for a true muslim woman to be willing to obey Allah’s command of fasting but not the hijab. The same Allah commanded both. It is hypocritical to pick & choose. However, her fast is still valid, because sins, including not wearing hijab, do not invalidate the fast, but they detract from its reward, and may cause it to be lost altogether.


48Q. Does Tabarruj break the fast?

48A. Tabarruj means impermissible exposure of women’s adornment and beauty before non-Mahram (marryable) men. It  is a disobedience to the Quranic command not to do so , surely  it detracts from the Reward of Fasting but does not break it.  http://islamqa.info/en/ref/50063

49Q. Does watching TV, Movies, Soap operas/Serials, playing cards invalidate the Fast?

49A. It depends on what is being watched, most times however they are a waste of time & sins are incurred in the process  and these sins detract from the reward of fasting, and may erase it altogether.


50Q. Does vomiting invalidate  the fast?

50A. NO, but deliberately vomiting does.  http://islamqa.info/en/ref/38579/VOMIT%20FAST

51Q. Does the swallowing of vomitus unintentionally invalidate the fast?

51A. NO, but intentionally doing so does. http://islamqa.info/en/ref/12659/VOMIT%20FAST


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