mario al-kadhdhab 2
This title immediately brings to mind the name of a false Prophet in 7th century Arabia; (Musaylamah – AL KADHDHAB). A clean shaved Imam of a masjid that has no name & address, who studied Arabic/Islam for 10-years in a school & under a teacher both without names. Using the word “Parish Priest” instead of Imam, “Muslim masjid” instead of Masjid/Mosque (Is there a Christian, Jewish or Hindu Masjid?).Only quoted one verse of the Qur’an which he read incorrectly & poorly in Arabic. Needed to read the entire Qur’an again from cover to cover to know who Jesus is. An Imam indeed, wanting to talk to Allah by keeping the Qur’an on his chest. Real Imams & Muslims don’t do that, they make Salah Q2:45.He suddenly realized the divinity of Jesus, Mary & the need for all Muslims to become Christians from the Quran. That is Mario; The Liar of the 21st century.
MARIOLIAR 1: HE LIED THAT THE NUMBERS OF VERSES IN THE QURAN IS 6,666. Rather, it has 6236 verses. Again, pushing down your throat the Christian’s anti- Christ believe of 666.
TRUE. Muhammad was mentioned by name 5-times but indirectly e.g. as the one wrapped up in garment (Q73,Q74), Prophet , Messenger e.t.c several times. The Qur’an was revealed upon Muhammad intermittently for 23years; therefore it is illogical & unnecessary to keep mentioning his name again & again. The number of times a person is mentioned does not equal to greatness. Moses was mentioned 136 times, Abraham 69, Noah 43, Yusuf 27, Lut 27, Adam 25, Pharaoh (the oppressor) was mentioned more than 100 times. Using Mariologic Pharaoh & Moses are greater than Jesus & we should all become JEWS.
Jesus Christ was at the center of so many controversies. The Jews considered him to be a ‘bastard’ & an imposter. Some Christians regard him as God & son of God, while, others regard him as a Prophet. So there was the need for clarification on his real status. Hence, the Qur’an, being the final Revelation of God, was sent down to set the records straight. It became imperative to mention Jesus by name anytime issues concerning him are being addressed in order not to leave any room for doubt, confusion & speculation. The personality of Prophet Muhammad, on the other hand, was not entangled in this kind of confusion. So, he was only mentioned by name just to establish that, he is indeed a Prophet & a Messenger of Allah.
MARIOLOGIC 3: MARY IS THE ONLY WOMAN MENTIONED BY NAME IN THE QURAN & MUHAMMAD’S RELATIVES NOT MENTIONED. Mary (peace of Allah be upon her) is the only woman mentioned by name in the Qur’an, yet other women are indirectly referred to in the Quran, e.g Eve (Hawwa) Q 20:117,Daughters of Lot Q 11:79,15: 71,Sarah, Wife of Abraham Q11: 71-72,Aziz’s Wife (Zulaykha), Mother & sister of Moses Q 28 : 7, 10, 12, 13, Wife of Moses Q 28:23, 26, 27, Asiyah(Wife of Pharaoh) Q28:9,Q66: 11. The Queen of Sheba (Bilqis) Q27 : 22-44, Wife of Imran Q3 : 35-36. However, this is partly because the miracle of getting pregnant without a male intervention was meant to be unique to her alone & Allah did not want to leave any room for doubt as to which woman was been referred to; so that no woman in the future will ever claim that was referring to her. The fact that Muhammad’s relatives are not mentioned in the Quran, are indeed a proof that the Quran was not written by the Prophet Muhammad as alleged by some enemies of Islam; rather it was a revelation from Allah which cannot be altered to achieve a personal goal.
He LIED that chapter 3 of the Qur’an is called family of Maryam. False, it is called FAMILY OF AL IMRAN. It is chapter 19 that is named after Maryam .The Qur’an dedicates a whole chapter to honor her. This shows the lofty status of Mary (peace of Allah be upon her) in Islam unlike the bible which dishonors her by referring to her in John 2:4; addressing her the same way a characterless woman was addressed in John 8:10. No chapter is named after her in the bible. Using Mariologic, all Christians should become Muslims because the Qur’an honors Mary more than the bible.
MARIOLIAR 5: ORIGINAL SIN. He lied that the Quran says Mary (peace of Allah be upon her) was not born with original sins. Insinuating that Muslims believe in original sin for which Mary was exempted. Children are not born out of any sin, original, inherited, genetic or derived. The prophet (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) said “everyone is born in a state of fitra (submission, sinlessness, natural disposition)…” (Muslim).THERE IS NO ORIGINAL SIN IN ISLAM, RATHER WE HAVE ORIGINAL FORGIVENESS. Tap link for exposition of the falsehood of Original sin
The verse he quoted has nothing to do with Mary (peace of Allah be upon her) nor original sin. Q3;34 says “Descendants, some of them from others. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing”. He is trying to promote divinity of Mary being a catholic; as they believe “MARY IS THE MOTHER OF GOD” ;BLASPHEMY.
Watch/listen to refutations from media attached to this post or online at these links
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