MARIOLIAR 5: ORIGINAL SIN. He lied that the Quran says Mary was not born with original sins. Insinuating that Muslims believe in original sin for which Mary was exempted. Children are not born out of any sin, original, inherited or derived. The prophet (salalahualehim wasalam) said “everyone is born in a state of fitra (submission, sinless, natural disposition)…” (Muslim).THERE IS NO ORIGINAL SIN IN ISLAM, WE HAVE ORIGINAL FORGIVENESS. The verse he quoted has nothing to do with Mary nor original sin. Q3;34 says “Descendants, some of them from others. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing”. He is trying to promote divinity of Mary being a catholic.


He LIED Mary went to heaven with her physical body. However, no mention of Mary or Jesus in the whole Chapter 50 nor any mention of heavenly ascension of Mary in the entire Quran. Mario was not an Imam but a convenient & pathological liar trying to proof divinity of Mary. Rather, the verse says  “And his companion (angel) will say: “Here is (this Record) ready with me” Such a claim is never mentioned in the Qur’an. Q50:23.


The Quran acknowledges  Jesus as one of the mighty messengers & prophets  of Allah who commenced his mission from birth when he spoke in the cradle  to declare his mission & defended his mother of the accusation Q 19:30 (This was his  first miracle in the Quran), but the bible says his mission began at  age 30yrs (Luke 3:23), while his first miracle in the bible was to turn water into wine (John 2 ;1-11) despite the fact that the same amazing bible prohibits wine in Ephesians  5;18, Proverbs. 20;1

“…and We made her (Mary) and her son (Jesus) a sign for the worlds.” (Q 21:91).”And We gave unto Jesus, son of Mary, clear miracles” (Q 2:87). Miracles of Jesus are as below

  1. THE TABLE SPREAD WITH FOOD. (Q 5:112-114)

2 SPOKE IN THE CRADLE. One of the miracles in the Quran, but not in the Bible.  (Q3:46).So, what did Jesus say that Marioliar did not quote to you in his video & for which he needed to read the entire Quran all over to know who Jesus is/was?:

“I am indeed a slave of God.  He has given me the Book and made me a Prophet, and He has made me blessed wherever I may be.  And He has enjoined upon me prayers, and to pay the alms, as long as I live and (He has made me) kind to my mother, and He has not made me insolent, unblessed.  And may Peace be upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and on the Day I shall be raised to life.” (Q19:30-33)

  1. GAVE LIFE TO A CLAY BIRD. (Q 3:49). Marioliar refused to quote the last part of the verse “WITH GOD’S PERMISSION” .Mario LIED that Jesus is the giver of life because of this miracle, so we ask, why did he not give himself his own 1st life in Mary’s womb & why was he calling on God when his life was in danger? Mathew 27;46, John 5;30

4.HEALING THE BLIND & THE LEPER. Similar to the New Testament, The Quran says.”I also heal the blind & the leper BY THE PERMISSION OF GOD.”.” (Q 3:49).

5.THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD.”…and I bring to life the dead, BY THE PERMISSION OF GOD.” (Q 3:49). Other prophets e.g Elisha & Elijah also gave life to the dead                                   QCV;L;R4(2 Kings 13:21), (1 King 17:22) BY THE PERMISSION OF GOD.


Like other prophets, Jesus performed miracles to convince skeptics of his truthfulness, NOT TO DEMONSTRATE HIS DIVINITY. The Quran says: “Surely in that is a sign for you, if you are believers.” (Q3:49).These miracles were performed only by the Will of God, had he not willed them to occur, they could never come to be.”…BY THE PERMISSION OF GOD” (Q 3:49; 5:10).The Bible says same “A man attested to you by God with miracles and wonders and signs which God performed through him in your midst.” (Acts 2:22)

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