Shias are indeed amazing kufaar, rather than curse the real killer(s) of Al hussayn, if at all they have to curse, they curse  & hate  99.9% of the companions especially Abu bakr, Umar, Uthman , Aisha, hafsah, Mu’aawiyah e.t.c (may Allah be pleased with them all). Why? They claim all the companions 99.9% apostatized (left the fold of Islam) after the death of the prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam) by approving of the caliphacy of the 1st 3 caliphs (Abu bakr, Umar, Uthman) against their acclaimed express instruction of the prophet which says Alli (radiallahuanihu) should be made the 1st  Caliph. This claim is false & baseless. Did the Prophet appoint Alli (ra) as 1st caliph?  ? Lift the fog. They also claim that 99.9% of the companions all agreed to change the Qur’an by removing many things including the chapter of succession referring to Alli (radiallahuanihu).Therefore, according to them, the current Qur’an is incomplete, not perfect & not preserved;  they say it is merely 30% of the original & the 70% is with their run-away 12th Imam who has been in hiding for over 900 years in ‘the cave or tunnel’; after he miraculously disappeared at the age of 9yrs. Allah says shi’as lied.

“Verily it is We Who have sent down the Reminder (QUR’AN) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption)” (Q 15:9)

The kufr narrative of the Shias, is that the QUR’AN & AUTHENTIC HADEETH/SUNNAH should be DISCARDED since 99.9% of all the pious companions whom Allah says he is pleased with, who memorized the entire Qur’an, who were chosen by the prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam) to write down the Qur’an, who supported Islam with their lives & properties, who transmitted the Qur’an & authentic hadith to us have all apostatized after the death of the Rasool. Abu Sa‘eed al-Khudri (ra): “The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: ‘Do not slander my Companions, for if one of you were to spend an amount of gold equivalent to the size of Mount Uhud, you would not even come halfway up to their level.” (Bukhaari).So, what is left of Islam without a Perfect Qur’an & authentic sunnah? KUFR OF SHI’ISM OFCOURSE!. The foundation of  shi’ism is lies (taqiyah) & they managed to fabricate many hadiths about Alli (radiallahuanihu) in kufah. Their kufr & lies are worse than those of Jews, Christians & mushrikoons put together.

The Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam) said: “There are three things, whoever is saved from them is truly saved: my death, the killing of a patient khaleefah, and the Dajjaal (‘antichrist’).”One cannot thoroughly, understand & navigate this tragedy of the killing of the grandson without understanding the turbulent times which preceded it e.g. the assassination of Caliph Uthman, the unintended battle of Al – Jamal which came up as result of assault caused by hypocrites from both sides  between the parties of (Aisha, Zubair, Talha) & Alli, the battle of Siffin (between the parties of Alli & Mu‘aawiyah), the assassination of Caliph Alli & martyrdom of Al Hassan (may Allah be pleased with them all). For real scholarly exposition by His Excellency Sh. Adnan Abdul Qadir (Both English & Arabic) download & watch/listen to the media accompanying this posts or watch online from this link

Should we worship Al- Hussayn & do annual mourning, flagellation, tatbeer?

Where is al-Hussayn buried & how important is it to know where the graves of the Sahaabahs are?

Is Karbala holier than Makkah & is Hijrah to Karbala the true Hajj that is  better than Hijrah to Makkah?,

Status of Muawwiyyah & naming one’s child  muawwiyyah


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