And do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah , “They are dead.” Rather, they are alive, but you perceive [it] not. 2:154. And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision 3:169-170. Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam):“The martyr (shaheed) has seven blessings from Allaah: he is forgiven from the moment his blood is first shed; he will be shown his place in Paradise; he will be spared the trial of the grave; and he will be secure on the Day of the Greatest Terror (the Day of Judgement); there will be placed on his head a crown of dignity, one ruby of which is better than this world and all that is in it; he will be married to seventy-two of al-hoor al-‘iyn; and he will be permitted to intercede for seventy of his relatives.” (Tirmidhi, Ahmad). Infact, Hassan & Husseyn will be the leaders of the youth among the people of Paradise, and high status is only achieved by means of trials

Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam) say: ‘It is not permitted for a woman who believes in Allaah and the Last Day to mourn for any dead person for more than three days, except for a husband, (in which case the period of mourning is) four months and ten days. (Bukhaari).

It is clear that shi’as have disbelieved in these verses of the Quran which warn us not to either “say” or “think” that the matyrs are dead and the hadith that says we should not mourn for more than 3days; as they keep the memory of the death & sufferings of Al Hussein alive with annual festival in addition to worshipping & calling on him & other household of the prophet for help in times of distress. When the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam) died, they had not yet reached the age of discernment, but the Muslims honored them, then & after his death but never worshipped ;only the shias worship al-Husseyn & other family members of the prophet. Shias betrayed, abandoned & killed gruesomely Al Hussein (The grandson). HE WAS KILLED BY AN IRANIAN (PERSIAN), RAFIDAH (Shi’a) ; Shamir or Shuumar ibn Dhil Jawshan. This is the reason for their annual TATBIR (CUTTING OF BODY TILL IT BLEEDS); a belated expression of guilt & remorse for leaving Al Hussein in the lurch at Karbala.

To show remorse & regret, they took the day of ‘Aashooraa’ as a day of mourning & wailing, in which they openly display the rituals of jaahiliyyah such as slapping their cheeks, self-flagellation(tatbeer), rending their garments etc. Conversely, Allah says : “… but give glad tidings to al-saabiroon (the patient ones), who, when afflicted with calamity, say: ‘Truly, to Allaah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.’ They are those on whom are al-salawaat (the blessings) from their Lord, and (they are those who) receive His Mercy, and it is they who are the guided ones.” [2:155-157] .

Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam) said: “he is not one of us who strikes his cheeks, rends his garments and prays with the prayer of Jaahiliyyah.” And he said: “I have nothing to do with those who strike [their cheeks], shave [their heads] and rend [their garments].” So, the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam) CONFIRMED THAT SHI’AS ARE NOT MUSLIMS.

Does an unjust, gruesome killing of ahlul bayt (member(s) of the household of the prophet) by anyone justify the worship of  any or all of the ahlul bayt?. FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

Yazeed ibn Mu‘aawiyah was born during the caliphate of ‘Uthmaan ibn ‘Affaan (radiallahuanihu) & never saw  the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam); SO, HE WAS NOT A COMPANION OF THE PROPHET  as the shias wrongly say. His father Mua’aawiyah Ibn Abu Sufyan (radiallahuanihu) was a noble & righteous companion of the prophet. Tap this link for the enviable & lofty status of Mu‘aawiyah (radiallahuanihu).

A Sahaabah (companion) is defined as one who — whilst in the state of Imaan (Faith) — has (at the very least) seen the Messenger (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam) or even heard him speak (e.g. the blind), and then also died on Islam. We typically affix the dua (RadiAllahu anhu- May Allah be pleased with him) or anha (with her) after their names. Why do we do this ? because Allah says : “And the foremost to embrace Islam of the Muhaajiroon and the Ansaar and also those who followed them exactly (in Faith). Allaah is well-pleased with them as they are well-pleased with Him. He has prepared for them Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise), to dwell therein forever. That is the supreme success” [9:100].

Yazeed (was not a companion) & was not one of those who were well known for religious commitment & righteousness. He was one of the Muslim youth, and he was not a disbeliever or a heretic. He became the caliph after his father died, despite the objections of some of the Muslims and with the approval of some of them. He was courageous and generous, and he did not outwardly blatantly commit immoral actions, as some of his opponents said that he did.

During his rule, a number of grievous events occurred, one of which was the killing of al-Husayn (radiallahuanihu). Yazeed did not issue orders that al-Hussayn be killed, and he did not express joy at his killing. He did not poke the severed head of al-Husayn with a stick, it is unclear whether or not the head of al-Hussayn was brought to him in Syria, but he did issue instructions that al-Hussayn be prevented from achieving his goal, even if that involved fighting him WRONGLY SO. Those who received his instructions also went further than expected as they gave little or no regard for his status as the Grandson of the prophet. So, the following people are directly or indirectly involved in the gruesome killing Al-Hussayn (The Noble Grandson). They are : Yazeed ibn Mu’aawiyah, Shuumar or Shamir ibn Dhil Jawshan, ‘Ubayd-Allaah ibn Ziyaad, ‘Umar ibn Sa‘d etc. What should be our attitude towards all these personalities? Should we curse, love, ignore or leave them for Allah to Judge? Tap link for answer an Islamic & amazing answer

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